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Simply get started with spot welding

The market also believes that ELMA-Tech spot welding systems are the technological leaders. 10 kHz medium-frequency technology, small transformers, lightweight spot welding guns, virtual measuring technology and fully automatic welding mode together with the integrated quality assurance system offer the customer simple operation with the highest welding quality.

Innovative - Uncomplicated - Fast - Safe

The innovation of the ELMA-Tech spot welding technology consists in the type of process control of the spot welding process with the unique process control Virtual Machine - now in the 3rd generation (VM3). How does the Virtual Machine work? The following is a very brief, superficial explanation of the virtual machine.

Our starting point: The physical quantities occurring in the welding process, such as current and voltage of an electronic generator, are difficult to control, as they cannot be determined exactly due to the complexity or degrees of freedom of the process.

Our technological approach is therefore to break down the individual process states during welding into the smallest time units or segments. For each of these time units, the process control provides a "complete (virtual) machine" or an optimized generator exactly optimized for this unit. This cutting process is permanently repeated according to the requirements of the respective welding task until the end of the welding process.

The static and dynamic control implemented in the VM3 evaluates these rapidly changing process states. These are processes that take place in the thousandth of a second. The VM3 reacts to each different state in the range of its cycle frequency of 20 kHz, i.e. within 50 microseconds.

In other words: Depending on the process status, the VM3 provides up to 20,000 different generators with optimum characteristics for a high-quality and optimum welding result within one second. For this purpose, it uses an expert system database with all the necessary physical parameters, which optimally describe the dynamic and static operating characteristics of such generators.

In accordance with the specifications for the individual process states, the energy control of the spot welding process is carried out within milliseconds and exactly adapted.

Milestones of ELMA-Tech Welding Technology

ELMA-Tech Milestones of Welding Technology.

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