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Fully automatic welding - the convincing plug & play principle

Maximum profit in the repair of modern vehicle bodies: Benefit from the tremendous advantages of the fully automatic spot welding process.

  • Automatic detection of sheet thickness
  • Automatic recognition of material type
  • Automatic determination of welding nugget size
  • Automatic adjustment of the electrode force
  • No preparation of weld samples
  • No parameter settings
  • No training of personnel
  • Far less energy consumption
  • Aluminium welding of thin sheets up to 3 mm
  • Welding of high-strength and ultrahigh-strength steels - also in different sheet metal combinations
  • 10 mm total sheet thickness weldable
  • Quality assurance system for the documentation of welding processes
  • Medium-frequency welding technology (medium-frequency inverter technology)
  • PREMIUM quality!

automobildesign becker small
A long-standing customer: Automobildesign Becker (51580 Reichshof, Germany). A body shop master craftsman who relies on modern and high-quality technology in the equipment of his workshop. (By the way, Becker also specializes in the restoration of old Porsche models. That's why he appreciates the aluminium spot welding function ...)

Repair of a B-pillar with ELMA-Tech spot welding technology

karosserieinstandsetzung 1
Repair of a B-pillar with ELMA-Tech spot welding technology. The picture below shows the surroundings of the welding spots: The repair works perfectly despite of the use of structural adhesive (light blue) between the sheets.

karosserieinstandsetzung 2

ELMAspot VISION with Balancer Kit

ELMA-Tech spot welding machine ELMAspot VISION with Balancer Kit

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